Friday, August 3, 2012

Beautiful Rustic Farm Table

Yesterday evening was very pleasant. The weather was muggy but not unbearable, and the sun was shining so pleasantly. Directly after work I took a trip up to Vernon, a town about 35 minutes away from home. The whole drive was back roads through the spectacular Connecticut countryside. The Colchester/Hebron/South Glastonbury/Bolton/Coventry area is one of my favorite corners of Connecticut. I picked up a spectacular handmade antique farm table, and then got to enjoy the beautiful drive home. All in all, a great way to spend an evening. And here are the fruits of my labor- This is a gorgeous solid pine table, used as a work table for many years. I'm guessing it's about 75 years old. It's extremely sturdy, and has so much character. I think I'll refinish the top, paint the base an antique white. This piece definitely falls into the category of "furniture I wish I could keep for myself". It measures 5ft by 3ft. Perfect dining table size. Pictures are below!

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