Thursday, August 9, 2012

Deep Orange

The back ground for my lap top is currently a beautiful autumn scene of a barn. I'm ready for fall. Very ready. My little sister is coming down from Amherst next weekend to do a big fall shopping trip with me, and I can't wait. I did a post last week for mustard yellow, and I would be remiss to leave out my other autumn color crush- deep rich orange. With any luck, I will be getting cardigans in both colors next weekend.
But enough about me- what are your fall color crushes? I know some people love reds, deep purples, or emerald greens in the fall.
Here are some beautiful deep oranges is decor. lovely, right?
Stunningly refined and handsome. This orange dining room tempers the saturated color with white wainscoting. 

I love the play of colors and textures here. The terra-cotta floor, lime green throw, bold orange wall, and art all lead the eye around the room.

I adore this room. It's in my top ten for the summer. This room gets an A+ in my book. The rich wall color, bed coverings, the bed itself, and the folk art painted chest at the foot of the bed. All amazing. 

A neutral bedroom can change seasonally with just a few rotating accents. Here, the bed sheets a throw blanket, and the  floral arrangement are all coordinating shades of autumnal orange. For summer, the home owner could bring in a lemon yellow or a soft turquoise. 

Another stunning orange dining room. The citrus hues are invigorating and refreshing. Again, wainscoting has been used to break up the color a touch. I love the touch slightly mismatched chair sets.

Modern and vintage meet half way in this sunny little kitchen. The creamy color of the wall reminds me of pumpkin bisque. Shades of green add interest.

So orange as to be almost red, these matching twin beds play off the similar shade in the carpet. The room is otherwise unadorned. A simple peaceful place to sleep.

I have a very similar antique chest and last year I painted it an almost identical shade for fall. I loved it....for fall. Come winter and spring, the dresser color looked a wee bit incongruous with my otherwise green and white furniture. I imagine the same thing will happy this year with the mustard yellow sideboard I've been working on. That's ok though. I love a couple layers of paint on a piece. It ages so much better that way.

Love the ladder- but it's the cupboard next to it that's catching my eye here.

Gorgeous and every inch what I love about fall in New England. I do feel sorry for all you folks who don't have a proper Autumn, but then again, you probably feel sorry for us New Englanders when we get three feet of snow in January. 

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  1. It's me again, and now you've been bookmarked... I've been thinking of painting our bedroom orange, and this collection gives me, again, a better idea of what it might feel like.

    Next time I'm heading up to Colchester, I'll email you first re: a visit. And I'll also be in touch when I rotate furniture, so that you can work your magic on my unwanteds. Or maybe we can trade... hmmm...