Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tables as Kitchen Islands

So it's been about a month- it must be time to post about kitchen islands again. I just can't get enough of kitchen islands. I love them, but only creative ones. No one should be going out and buying a new kitchen island when there are so so many amazing pieces out there, ready and waiting to be a phenomenal island! I posted a few days ago a lovely antique butcher block turned kitchen island. It got me thinking. It's such a great form, with the large work surface on top, a convenient shelf below. It doesn't take up a lot of space visually because the base isn't enclosed, but it packs a punch.
Enjoy some beautiful images below. Do you have a kitchen island? Did it start life as something else?

That butcher block one is still available. Would be so pretty piled high with pumpkins and apple pie for Autumn entertaining.

Made from antique barn boards, and that towel bar is so handy!

This island is terrific. I love the marble top and the boldly turned legs! 

Even in a modern kitchen, a rustic island adds charm and character!

No frills kitchen is still stunning with a  collection of vintage accessories and a sweet simple island on casters.

An antique farm table is gets a new life as a center island in this luxurious kitchen

The perfect size for a petite kitchen, this island looks just as stunning in a massive old world kitchen.
Look at that fireplace!

A rustic work bench adds texture to a modern, dark kitchen. The storage space below is being fully utilized. 

Sleek and clean, a new coat of gray paint and casters take this antique farm table to all new levels as an island and work station. What a gorgeous kitchen!

Bright and cheerful and folky. The island/ kitchen nook table looks like an antique sideboard.

A beautiful antique bakers table fully compliments the rustic interior of this home. The industrial barstools and modern pendants all blend together so well. 

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  1. Anonymous3/13/2014

    Do you have any more Tables as Kitchen Islands or know where to get them? Please let me know! Thank you!!! Tiffany