Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Antique Sideboard Before and After

I'm definitely inspired by the seasons when I'm re-doing furniture. I wanted to do a sideboard that I thought would look divine piled high with a spread for an Autumn party. This white and black piece is pretty timeless, and certainly works for all seasons, but just picture it with pumpkins and gourds and cocktails etc. So pretty. It's a vintage solid maple piece. I added a barn board top, sanded, stained English Chestnut to really bring out the gorgeous wood grain, and sealed- so it's safe to spill cocktails on it! The drawer pulls are original and super funky- like little bulls eyes. I painted them black gloss to really feature them on the piece. The sideboard is painted a soft antique white with just a hint of cream undertones. This one's up on craigslist, so shoot me an email if you're interested! Before and afters below!

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