Thursday, August 2, 2012

Mustard Yellow Love

Mustard Yellow is one of my favorite colors. It hardly ever goes with my decor, so I mostly indulge via my wardrobe... I have trouble passing up a mustard yellow cardigan, ever, and I really want to score a pair of mustard yellow jeans for fall.
This fall, with the school house eclectic decor plan, I'll be able to integrate in several bits of mustard yellow without it clashing. First on the mustard list was that solid oak sideboard I picked up on Sunday. I simply could not wait to start working on it. I've already sanded and stained the top and painted the body a rich warm shade of mustard. I did the top is a rich dark walnut stain to contrast with the bold mustard paint.
I'll also have mustard colored throw pillows scattered throughout the house, and finally, glimpses of mustard in the vintage mushroom prints and antique oil mushroom still life that will be on the front porch. Here are some other beautiful pieces of mushroom furniture.
This is always what I think about when it comes to mustard yellow. These fall leaves are so beautiful.

A great use of mustard on a wall- not an easy feat to pull off. Not surprisingly, the homeowner has complimented the color scheme with two large scale fall murals. Lovely. 

This is the exact color combination that I'm doing on my new oak console table. So pretty and fresh. It has an almost Shaker feel to it with that bold cadmium yellow.

Retro and masculine. I like the contrast between the picked pine floors and the mustard wall.

I see these on craigslist about ten times a day. It never occurred to me to paint the wrought iron base. It certainly does update it and give it a more current and interesting look!

A beautiful room complimented by the bold dining set. The barley twist farm table is a show piece on its own, paired with the mustard yellow aluminum chairs, it's a symphony.

This is a picture I've had saved in my interiors folder (where all my most beloved interior photos reside). The crystal knobs serve to balance the retro playfulness. And can we talk about that purse? I need a new purse for fall, and I want a vintage camel leather one just like this- but with a cross body strap. I have to have my hands free when I tagsale and flea market.

A wonderful hanging apothecary chest. It looks to me like a reproduction, not a real antique, but if you watch your local auctions, wonderful painted pieces like this turn up from time to time.

The head board is so elegant and cheerful. The rest of the room is in muted tones, to allow
that bright mustard to be center stage.

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  1. Anonymous1/20/2013

    Mustard is my favorite too! I'm trying to find the perfect shade to paint my walls, do you know any specific types of paint any of these walls are?