Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Industrial Antique Kitchen Island

I love kitchen islands. I love industrial antique furniture. I love butcher block. This island, it has it all. This island is the coolest island EVER. It even has a wonderful history. How cool is that. It's a solid oak butcher block island, it's about 100 years old. It was used by the Navy in New London, Connecticut to prepare meals for many years. Eventually it was given to one of the cooks, who flipped the butcher block, as it was becoming quite coved from years of use, and used it himself for many years to prepare breads for his family and friends. I purchased it from that gentleman's son. I added a bottom shelf, made of antique barn board, to hold all the necessary elements a kitchen needs. I sanded, stained, and sealed the work surface, to preserve and protect it, and to make it more useful for the modern family. I painted the legs white, but kept the huge industrial brackets that hold the legs in their original wrought iron state, just to add a bit more character. This would be a stunner in any kitchen. It's a great size, 48" long, not too bit, not too small, and at 34" in height, it's great for standing food prep, or to sit at with bar stools. This one's available on craigslist as well!
Before, during, and after pics below!


  1. Jackie8/28/2012

    I love this! If only I had the room! Nice job, Kate.

  2. Thank You Jackie! I wish I had room for it too! Sadly, my current kitchen island is quite permanent (won't fit through the door!)

  3. I have a very similar one to this that the previous owners left -
    Love yours!!!