Thursday, August 23, 2012

Beautiful Rustic Interiors

Right now I'm craving gorgeous rustic interiors with lots of texture and warmth. It's already starting to cool off here in Connecticut, and as we end the outdoor summer activities and start in with more indoor oriented pursuits, a warm rustic home can be so welcoming. I love the mismatched well worn feel of these spaces, they just invite you to curl up with a good book and a warm cup of coffee.
The interior of my house doesn't lend it self to the most rustic pieces, I have to temper it just a bit. Someday when I have my big old farmhouse though, it's gonna be soooo rustic.
Here are some gorgeous day dream worthy rooms to enjoy!
Such a breathtaking interior. This is the way to decorate with antiques!

The exposed beams and brick floor add architectural interest, and the color of the cabinets is wonderful in this little kitchen.

Exposed white shelves, a tile wall, a lime green pantry(!), chevron throw rugs. This kitchen is delightful.

The green floors are original but old world. The sconces in the bottom picture are fabulous. I love this space.

This is just how I'm going to decorate my mantel for fall!

I love love love this kitchen. It's a mishmash of many different elements, but feels harmonious all the same.

A charming vignette with antique mirror and lots of found natural elements. Can you see the sweet cottage kitchen reflected in the mirror?

This antique farm table has so much character and texture- and it looks out on a stunning walled garden.

Another wonderful rustic space. See the very subtle diamond pattern on the worn floor boards? I also love the antique ball foot chest, and of course the farm table. 

A bright welcoming bathroom with lots of space. I love how it's up on a plinth (probably to accommodate the plumbing). That little antique cupboard it beautiful.

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