Sunday, August 5, 2012

New Acquisitions

Oh dear, it's already starting to happen. The tag sales are becoming fewer and further between, and the flea market is getting ever so slightly smaller every weekend. Fall is on the way, and with it comes the end of my buying season. I hit up something like fifteen tag sales yesterday morning. There wasn't a lot of furniture. I did snag a stunning solid oak farm table, three iron bases for a coffee table set, and an antique shelf. The farm table is already sold, and will be custom refinished. I'm planning to put barn board tops on the coffee table set, should look pretty awesome, and I'm keeping the little shelf for myself. I think we're going to put it in our upstairs bathroom to hold towels and accessories. 
      The flea market was a bit more lucrative. I got a really sweet solid oak antique chest with original antique cut glass pulls, a nice vintage sign, and (one of my favorite purchases of the year thus far) two absolutely stunning, knock your socks off impressionist oil landscapes. I bought them directly from the artist. I'm going to hang them in our bedroom once the upstairs is complete. They're so tranquil and luminescent. I'm just so freaking delighted, I can't stop thinking about them! I also got a nice little antique impressionist landscape that compliments the paintings very well. It dates to about 1920, also going to put it in the master bedroom. 
       Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend~
Picture them painted black with chunky rustic wood tops.

The table is going to be refinished custom with a medium wood toned top and cream colored legs.

I'm going to paint this wonderful little shelf white and put it on our upstairs bathroom. 

A sweet little antique mirror I snagged at a tagsale. Love the frame, and the glass is original. It probably dates to about 1930.

I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!!! They're big too- like 24" across at least.

Here's the antique painting I got. It's probably about 15 inches tall, 7 inches wide.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for vintage signs. This vintage enamel one is about 30" long, 6" tall, and double sided. I was thinking it would be funny to hang over a doorway.

Someone really half-assed the paint job. That's fine with me though. It's structurally sound, and I adore the drawer pulls. The top is one lovely slab of oak. I have another dresser that is almost Identical. I think I might refinish them  both as a set. 

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