Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Mish Mash

Sorry for the little blog break. I was at the New Hampshire Antique Dealers Association Show for my job. It's my favorite show of the year. With a focus on folk art, the show features top dealers from all over the country. I love love love folk art, so I'm like a kid in a candy shop there. I actually bought two things this year (hurray!!), and we (the firm I work for) did quite well at the show. Last week I was super busy working on furniture and picking up some new and exciting items to refinish. This post is just a little catch up mish mash. A few things I'm working on, a few things I've purchased etc.
Since I was working in New Hampshire yesterday I couldn't tag sale, and it was rainy and gross this morning, so I didn't go to the flea market. Hopefully I'll be able to snag some more stuff off craigslist this week.
Pictures and captions below!
This is going to be such a fun project. It's an antique mahogany dining table with a stunning pedestal base (not pictured). It's huge, could easily seat 8. I'm probably going to start on it this week. I can't wait to get going on it! Look at that wood grain!

This is a work in progress I'm doing custom for a client. It's a solid pine antique dresser that's gotten a new antique barn board top. 

I love the lines on this piece, and I think the barn board top so completes it.

I'm very excited about this project. It's an antique butcher block oak work station. It's branded "US" on one side, which makes me wonder if it was at a military base at one point. Well you know how I love industrial and kitchen islands. This is my favorite island I've worked on yet.

gorgeous lines and so much potential

I started working on it the second I got home with it last Thursday. I sanded and stained the top, painted the legs, and added an antique bar board second shelf. I haven't put the little drawer back in yet, but isn't is stunning already???

I just adore this piece!

This is a vintage pine cupboard that I'm going to be turning into our upstairs bathroom vanity. The lines are perfect, the dimensions are perfect, I even like the drawer pulls! I'm going to paint the body white- or possibly a light green, and then refinish the top to expose that stunning wood grain. We'll cut a whole in the top to drop the sink in. The center drawer will have to become a 'faux' drawer to help accommodate the sink and plumbing.

This is a solid oak antique armoire that I picked up at the same time I got the lovely dining table at the beginning of the post. So pretty!

This is my antique piano shop sign that I got from my parents this weekend. Since they live in Maine, I don't see them very often.

I purchased this vintage sign at the NHADA show. It's pretty big- maybe 30" long? and so cool!! I'm going to hang it in the kitchen. It was $45!!

This is the other side of the sign. So awesome.

I get a lot of questions about what I do for my daytime job. I work for a wonderful Antique Dealer in Colchester, CT. It's nice because during the day I get to work with some absolutely amazing and important pieces of Americana and Folk Art. This was our booth at the NHADA show. Beautiful stuff right?

Another view of the booth. Each of these incredible antiques has such an amazing story behind it. 

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