Thursday, August 23, 2012

New Acquisitions and School House Prep

In just about a week I will be flipping my decor over to the Autumn theme, Vintage School House. I think I have most of the decorative elements lined up. I'm still on the hunt for a vintage map, a small green demijohn, and some new barstools for my kitchen (mine are $5 tag sale finds that are starting to show their age and wear). One of the big things on my list for the new look, and hopefully several after was a set of antique oak school house chairs. If you recall, I had another set this past spring. I really enjoyed refinishing them, and know they went to a loving home, but I kind regret letting them go, and had been searching for more for myself ever since. I've finally managed to assemble a set of five. They are all slightly different, which I love, but suit my dining table (early 20th century oak library table) perfectly. I'm planning to paint them all white...but maybe keep the kelly green armchair as it is. Such a pretty color, and the paint is in perfect condition. What do you think? Should I paint it white too??
So here are some pictures of vintage maps and demijohns I covet, my new dining chairs, and this fabulous vintage leather bag I scored at the flea market on Sunday for $4.
I already have a large one that I got at Brimfield in July. I'm hoping to get a smaller one at Brimfield in September to put next to it on my sideboard in the dining room.

Love the rich color of this one,

Two fabulous maps. This room definitely has the vintage school house vibe.

Another great map, and very much the look I'm trying to capture for the fall decor.

So these were the two chairs I picked up last week to complete my set of five. I paid $25 for the pair. I love them, especially the arm chair.

Uggghhh I can't wait to get that air conditioner out of the window!

I think the chairs will really add to the school house feel once everything is all set in the space. I have to get them painted in the next week. I'm still toying with what the centerpiece will be, possibly a couple antique silver plated trophies overflowing with gourds...

gorgeous supple leather vintage purse. It's sooooo soft!

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