Wednesday, April 10, 2013

My Favorite Vendor Delivers

One of the best parts of this hobby is the wonderful people that I've met. Last year I became friendly with one of the vendors at my favorite flea market. She always had the best stuff for fair prices, and once she got a sense of what I liked, she would set pieces aside for me (which rocks). Exactly one year ago today I went over to this vendor's house and purchased a huge load of amazing antique furniture. I've included a picture from that day below. Over the last year I've bought quite a few pieces from her and when the flea market started back up again a few weeks ago she mentioned that she had something that she knew was just my speed but was too big to bring to the flea market. I've been wicked busy with furniture and the upstairs renovation so I hadn't had time to go back over to her house and see what this mystery piece was. That's why I was tickled pink yesterday evening when she pulled up in my driveway with this faaaaaabulous hutch in the back of her truck. I didn't even know she knew where I lived! She was right, it's just my speed and I was so excited about it that I started working on it right away. Here are some pictures of the hutch in it's before state. It should be done tomorrow.
Happy Wednesday!
A year ago I managed to fit all this into the back of my pick up truck. It was probably the best house call I've ever been on!

Here's the new hutch. So much storage and aside from the hideous olive green color, the piece is in perfect condition.

I love the bonnet top, finial, and molding. I'm painting it a modern black gloss, but keep the original antique drawer pulls for a modern meets antique vibe.

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