Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Antique Step back Cupboard

I purchased this piece about two months ago when I was up in Maine visiting my family. At the time, I only had my little car with me, and so could not take it home. My parents have stored it in their barn, and when my mom came down last week to help with our plumbing in the upstairs, she brought down the cupboard as well.
       I know it's a little different than the pieces that I usually acquire. I'd say it dates to about 1860-1875. What I love about it is that it was definitely made by an untrained and fairly unskilled cabinet maker. The wood working is clumsy, nothing really lines up, and yet there is a naive exuberance to the piece that is undeniably charming. The maker had a vision of what he wanted, and did his very best with less than sophisticated tools and materials and apparent lack of formal training. It is the essence of folk art. Absolutely one of a kind and truly beautiful. The entire piece is made from heavy slabs of Eastern white pine, and I'm guessing the dealer I purchased it from got it straight from the farm where it was made 150 years ago. There was a very recent and sloppy coat of cheap white paint on it. That was over layers of gray, red, and green paint. I considered stripping it, or painting it a better white, but ended up going with my very favorite color- Benjamin Moore's Summer Lime. No regrets, I love how it turned out!
Before and Afters below

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