Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Classic Mahogany Dining Set

I spent most of the day yesterday working on furniture, and here are the fruits of my labor. I snagged this lovely antique mahogany dining set at the flea market on Sunday. I had no idea how beautiful the wood top would turn out. It appears to be tiger mahogany- which I've never seen before. The figuring of the wood top is so stunning- I'm pretty sure it's the prettiest table top I've ever worked on. The harp back chairs are charming too. Made by the tell city chair company, they're solid mahogany and sturdy as a rock. I recovered the seats in a creamy colored canvas upholstery. The table base and chairs are painted in a black enamel. This one's going up on craigslist this afternoon, so email me at kateaverydesign@yahoo.com if you want first dibs. The table is 40" wide and 60" long. It always amazes me how a dining set made in the 1940s can look so modern and fresh with a little work :)


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