Sunday, April 7, 2013

Decorating With Statement Art

I strongly believe that one of the greatest enemies of good design is clutter. I'm as bad as many, and worse than most when it comes to buying buying buying all the pretty things I see at tagsales and flea markets. It's hard to say no to something when it's very cheap and very cool. The problem becomes that you own too much stuff, and everything gets choked out and overwhelmed. Interestingly, my gardens have this same problem. It's a constant battle between wanting to make rooms dynamic and interesting, and filling them with so much junk that I look a wee bit crazy.
One of the best solutions for creating interest while avoiding clutter is with big statement art pieces. They can be used to great effect in just about any space with any style. Here are some beautiful examples. I'll be acquiring my own statement piece shortly (picture included) from my day-job at a fancy antique shop. I don't buy much from the shop, but this piece- I knew I had to have.
And speaking of acquiring lots of stuff at the flea market- I snagged some fabulous treasures this morning at the flea market that I'll share with you in a post later this afternoon.
The weather is becoming steadily warmer and
 it's supposed to be in the 70s by Tuesday (be still my heart!)
The statement piece does not necessarily have to be a painting. This yacht model looks tremendous at the end of a nautical themed hallway.

The homeowner used the subtle palette of blues and creams from the painting over the mantle as a guide for the rest of the room. The result is fresh and harmonious.

A bold zap of color from a beautiful tonal painting makes the bar the focal point of the room. Makes me want a cocktail!

I'm always a fan of a big statement mirror. This one is stunning in this simple but elegant space.
I love the bold colors and movement of this abstract piece. What a great way to add energy to a room!

So cool. I want one.

This large pond scene feels so serene in this muted bedroom.

And here's my new piece of amazing wall art. It's a union banner for the painters and decorators, and paperhangers guild. I'd guess it dates to about 1900-1915. It's about 5 feet tall and 4 feet wide. It's basically the most fabulous thing I've ever seen.

Without this monumental and cheeky art piece, the room is formal, and a little stuffy. With the fabulous painting the entire space lights up.

Another bold piece adds pizzaz to a large hallway here.

To have an ever changing art piece, try a chalk board. You can change what's one it whenever you like.

I love the simplicity of this beautiful wall hanging. Perfect for a rustic interior

I have something very similar to this in my dining room right now. Such a clever way to draw big attention to the smallest of art forms- the portrait miniature.

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