Thursday, April 18, 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things

I follow about 22 blogs on an almost daily basis. They're mostly related to interior design and furniture refinishing. It's a great way to re-charge the batteries and find new inspiration. I'll often see something in one of the blogs the sets off a little light in my head and will inspire a post down the road. Sometimes I see absolutely beautiful pictures that just take my breath away. I have an entire folder of them saved on my desk top. A large portion of these don't make it into my blog posts because they just don't fit with a particular topic, so today I choose a very broad topic with the specific purpose of showing you pretty pictures that make me happy. I hope they make you happy too. If you scroll all the way through the pictures I think it gives you a pretty good sense of what my personal taste for interiors is at the moment. It's constantly changing though- and that's the fun thing with design, there's always room for change. Nothing should ever be stagnant.
I love everything about this bathroom- and not surprisingly, the style is not that different from our new master bathroom.

When I look at pictures of bedrooms I generally consider what it would be like to wake up in that room. To me this would be a lovely place to start the day. The mellow colors, soft furnishings, and ample sunlight look peaceful and refreshing.

This is a fantastic kitchen. The exposed beams ground the space and add charm. The cabinetry is modern without being stark. The abundance of wood textures is balanced by bright white with green accents.

Everything in this room would be welcome in my house- but especially that farm table and demijohn lamp.

Look at all that open farmland. I wish my backyard looked like this.

I've probably shared this picture before, but it's one of my favorites, and inspired the colors in our kitchen.

Another picture that I've always been fond of.  It's an interesting and beautiful set of chairs, and they pair with the antique farm table so well. Beautiful.

One of my favorite light fixtures. It's such a restrained interpretation of the crystal chandelier. The whole room is elegant but not fussy.

Everything about this simple rustic entry way is casual but beautiful in the well-worn way that only antiques can be.

Such a fabulous indoor/outdoor space. I'm such a sucker for white painted brick. 

Some of my favorite types of furniture all in one kitchen. The white iron chairs look just like the black ones clustered around the farm table a few photos up. A green farm table is always choice, and the white painted antique hutch is stunning.

I saw a few of these houses at the beginning of the week when I was traveling in the Mid Atlantic for the Philadelphia Antiques Show. We don't have very many stone houses in Connecticut- though there are three great ones in Glastonbury. This is basically my dream home. On top of a hill, big front porch.

A little different from the more farmhouse style interiors that I gravitate towards- I love the faded jewel tones of the furnishings in this space

A little bit Swedish, this little hallway space looks light, bright, and inviting! 

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