Monday, May 7, 2012

New Acquisitions!

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. I'm currently working about 300 hours a week at my day job, and that's slowed me down on the furniture a bit. Saturday morning the tag sales were not fruitful, and I walked away empty handed *tears* but Sunday the flea market was AH-MAZING. As it gets warmer and the weather gets nice, the flea market gets bigger and bigger and bigger. On Sunday there must have been almost 250 dealers. I scored pretty big time. I got a great c.1870 solid chestnut chest of drawers, a c.1930 very ornately detailed sideboard on casters (it's soooo super nice), and a solid oak c.1910 pedestal dining table. For myself I got a nice little antique teal blue painted stool, an antique sign that says "OPEN" an antique row of hooks (to hold towels in our upstairs bathroom), and three necklaces. There was a green chippy paint antique dresser that I just loved, but I literally ran out of time and couldn't buy it. I had to work at 10am, so I had to move through the flea market pretty quickly.
The dresser and sideboard are both available to be re-done custom. The dining table may be going to a customer to match some dining chairs I'm doing for her. Enjoy!

Also included is a solid pine dresser that I picked up last week. It's huge and weighs about 7 tons. It should refinish spectacularly, and give someone a lot of extra storage!

I have a matching set of five school house chairs that this will look simply breath taking with! It has surprisingly petite dimensions, and is one of those things that if I just had the space, I would definitely keep for myself!

Solid chestnut and in wonderful condition already. I'm debating whether or not to paint it. I will do a light refinishing on the top, just to give it a little extra oomph, and possibly new drawer pulls, since those brass chippendale ones are not original anyway.
another view. The nice thing about antique dressers is that they are 100% solid wood. None of this yucky cheap particle board that you get today. 

Just look at the detailing on this sideboard. The drawer pulls are so fantastic. I would really love to put a barn board top on this, and then paint it some awesome exciting color- but I'll need a custom order to do that. Otherwise, it's going to be cream. P.S. I am obsessed with casters currently!
I adore those turned feet.
Sorry- had to take this pic in my basement. The chest is solid pine and soooo nice. I'll refinish the top so you can appreciate the beautiful solid pine that's under that paint, and then paint the case a fun color- maybe a swedish blue? a dove gray?
So this was what I got for myself. The little stool will go in the upstairs, maybe hold a vase of flowers or a potted plant. Don't you love the row of hooks? They swivel within that wooden structure- very handy!
I love the open sign. It probably dates to the 1940s. It's double sided, but the back side is pretty chipped away. Someday when I have my own barn to use as a workshop, I might hang it over the door.

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