Thursday, May 10, 2012

A new project for me

Occasionally I have time to work on furniture for my own house too. About a month ago I got a wonderful pair of tables off craigslist. One of them is a to-die-for 19th century solid oak farm table (that is sadly too large for my little dining room). The other table is a wonderful solid oak early 20th century library table. Both tables have been patiently waiting in the garage/practice studio for me to have the time to work on them. On Monday I was able to sand, stain, and paint the oak library table. It's going to be our new dining room table. Once the table was finished, we carried it into the dining room and I immediately realized that our old dining chairs looked absolutely absurd with it. They represent the last holdout pieces of Bob's Discount Furniture that I foolishly purchased about five years ago (before I knew any better). The legs started wobbling about 6months after we bought them (that furniture is SUCH junk). So, as you might guess, I was more than happy to see them go. As luck would have it, I was able to score a fabulous set of five vintage cane back dining chairs off craigslist within hours of hauling the old chairs outside (for $55 for all five!).
I love these new chairs because they're a great compromise between elegance and cottage chic. I'm going to paint them white and reupholster the slip seats (either a soft cream or a mint floral). I'll post 'after' pics when they're done, and hopefully also post some pics of my new table tonight as well. stay posted!

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