Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Flea market finds

Sunday was a rushed flea market, but I still enjoyed myself and managed to score some cool stuff included the one that got away (thank goodness). Two weeks ago I got a dresser, a sideboard, and dining table. There was also a GORGEOUS antique green dresser that I just loved loved loved. The price was $20 and I wanted it so bad, but I ran out of time and had to leave it behind. I thought about that dresser all week, and felt sure I would never see it again. But the flea market Gods were generous, and when I got to the market on Sunday, there was my dresser, waiting for me. I bought it straight away (not taking any chances). The dresser probably dates to about 1850-1870. It's solid pine. It's had a hard life, which I love about it. The green paint is chipped and grimy, and the dresser just has soooo much character. Here are some pics below, as well as what else I've gotten this week. When I got the dresser home my husband immediately over ruled bringing it into our decor in it's current condition. He didn't see the charm the way I did. It's in my basement now. I'm battling with whether to fix it up, or just ignore my husband and put it in my dining room as it is. What do you think?
The ugly drawer pulls will need to be replaced.

even the back is beautiful

I also got this cute vintage travel bag for $2. Perfect for over night trips.

I got this coffee table for $15. It's solid wood (maple?). I'm going to refinish it for our practice studio.

Even my husband got in the spirit and found these fabulous vintage side tables with inset marble tops. Sooo cute!

He also found this cute little bench. I'm going to paint it white and reupholster the little seat,
 and it should be fresh as a daisy.

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