Friday, May 18, 2012

Deconstructed rustic

As far as I (and google) know, this is not a real/official thing. I think it should be. There are a good handful of pieces in my decor rotation that I would consider deconstructed rustic, which is different from cottage or shabby chic in that it's legit beat up old chippy paint furniture. The kind that you need just the right spot for, but in the right spot....amazing. That dresser I picked up at the flea market on Sunday? Deconstructed rustic for sure. Some people don't get it, it's a little too rough around the edges, a little too grungy. For me, it's the best, and I would do my whole house in it, but my husband...and all his piano students... might be freaked out. So anyway, I'm making it an official thing today. Deconstructed Rustic. Boom.
Since I came up with it, I'm making the rules that define deconstructed rustic:
1. It has to be old (at least 50 years)
2. It has to show that age, a little beat up etc
3. You can't fake it, re-do the surface, in fact, it has to be untouched.
4. No fancy schmancy antiques. Just good old farm style furniture and decor

Without further ado, here are some of my own pieces,
and some others I found that fit the bill.

Enjoy ~
Just a nice little chair with a great old green paint. Add this to a kitchen or in the corner of your dining room for some instant style.

I love the chipped paint on the legs and the well worn surface on this table. So lovely.

Don't know about that weird hutch on top, but the dresser is perfect. It looks like someone started to refinish the drawer and then gave up. Just like on my green dresser lol. 

A coopala- get it?. Clever and gorgeous re-use of this little architectural gem

This table is soooooo chipped and interesting. Really delicious and wonderful. 

I think this is a genuine old surface on this dresser. It's a little hard to tell. I'm such a sucker for old green paint though, i had to include it!

This old hutch with the bead board and the make-do back paneling is so the essence of deconstructed rustic. Other people might be tempting to paint it- I love that the owner left it untouched. 

Nice old blue cabinet in an otherwise modern and sleek setting is a perfect balance. 

Stunning island. JUST PERFECT. 

This is a beautiful kitchen. I think both the island and the cupboard on the back wall are deconstructed rustic. The rest of the decor has been left simple to allow these pieces the space they need to be appreciated as both furniture and art.

This little vintage green footstool is currently in my dining room. Got it last year at the flea market for  less than $10

This is currently the side table to my family room couch. Every time I look at it I smile. I think it was about $12.
And of course my new dresser. 

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