Thursday, May 10, 2012

Green farm tables

To wet your whistle for the reveal of my new dining table, I thought I'd show you some inspiration pics. As you may know already, green is my favorite color. I live for it. Like holy cow I have a hard time walking by anything that is green and antique or vintage. It's an obsession. So this new (antique) dining table project gave me a chance to bring yet another bit of green into my house. I just love the look of green paint and antique wood. Here are some other great antique green farm tables ~Enjoy~
Love the apple green paint job here
Not a green table, but look at those chairs! They're twins to the chairs I just got!! They look great in antique white! I can't wait to paint mine :)

I love everything about this dining room from the glass doored cupboard to the stunning painting on the back wall to the bistro chairs the green farm table. I adore this picture.

Another gorgeous room, and I suspect the green paint on this table is genuine and antique. I had to fake it on mine lol.

Beautiful little table in such a soft delicate shade of mint. And you gotta love the polka dots!

Great proportions on this table. And another fabulous shade of spring green.

Antiqued kelly green on the table and the chair! And look at that soft aged surface on the table top. You just can't fake that kind of worn, well loved age.

more of a blue green than a true green, but still lovely as can be. And look at that floor! I have a client right now who I think would just adore a cobalt blue floor. 

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