Wednesday, May 23, 2012

TV consoles

Lately I've had a few folks searching for just the right tv console. This can be a tough thing as it requires you to integrate a very modern and obtrusive item (the tv) into your decor. Luckily, flat screens take up a whole lot less visual space than the old clunky ones we had 15 years ago, but you still need to be creative when selecting this piece of furniture. As with the kitchen island, I think you're best bet is to use a piece that wasn't initially intended to be a tv console, and this opens the door wide to possibilities. Since we bought our house, we've used three different tv consoles in our family room, a low sturdy bookshelf, a mission oak desk, and now a scrolled classical revival white pier table. Here are some other creative options. What are you using for your tv console?
The pier table was free on craigslist because it was missing its drawers. That gave me the perfect place to put out cable box and wireless internet stuff. I painted it fresh white. The table still has it's original label on the back dated 1914.

My mom picked up this great mission oak desk on craigslist for me. It had a lot of shelving and storage, which was nice, but it was just a little heavy and dark for the space.

I love the bold color of this piece as well as all the useful storage!

A really attractive and interesting dresser gets refinished as a handsome tv console

So industrial and gorgeous. If I found one of these I would snap it up in a heart beat

this one doesn't have a tv on it currently, but I think it would work really well as a console, and I just love the room.

Rustic and perfect in a restrained modern setting

so clever to put the tv on an easel. I can't imagine where you find an easel that size though...

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