Sunday, May 13, 2012

A pair of chairs before and after

*Phew* I literally jogged through the flea market this morning (had to be at work at 10am) but I still managed to score some good stuff that I'll show you this afternoon when I get a chance to photograph it. The last couple week's I've had the pleasure of designing a batch of custom furniture for a client who had cause to start her decor from scratch (a house fire). Rather than allow this to be a stopping point for her, she's got the world's best attitude, and is using the experience as an opportunity to re-invent her interior design style and create a space that makes her excited and happy. Here are some of the before and after shots for her furniture. (Can you guess her favorite color is blue?)
Pair of chairs
I loved these chairs as soon as I spotted them. Such great lines, and the seats are super comfortable.

I painted them a crisp white and reupholstered the chairs in a deep midnight blue velvet

It's so rare to find a matched set of five dining chairs, especially in this must-have school house style. The chairs probably date to about 1910- all solid, all in great condition. 
I painted the chairs a high gloss cobalt blue, which looked unbelievably sharp. I sanded, stained, and poly'd all the chair seats. 

Soooo handsome.

I was so excited to find this antique solid oak dining table. C.1910. It's in perfect condition,
the top just needed to be re-done.

So I sanded, stained, and poly'd the top and cleaned the base.

pretty right?

And here's the dining set all together. What's wonderful is that the table and chairs were probably made within just a few years of each other. It's almost like they were meant to be together. A perfect set.

So I showed you this nice little desk a few weeks ago. I re-did the top and painted the base a peach blush color. We decided to repaint it so it would match the rest of the furniture.

I love it in the cobalt blue. To bring art the beautiful carved detail I first went over it with white and then back over it with a deep midnight blue.

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