Friday, May 11, 2012

My new table

So here it is. Solid oak, and it weighs a ton. I just love the wood grain of the oak, it is so bold. The front side of the table has two working drawers, a feature I adore. I mixed the paint color for the body and legs myself. I wanted a deep saturated hue that was still a light shade. This color is a combination of mint green, spring green, and tiffany blue. See the copper wrapped feet too? So cool. I just need to put those little furniture pads on the bottoms of them so they don't chew up my floor. The debate now is what upholstery fabric to use on the new chairs. I bought two different types yesterday, an antique looking floral in a shade of minty green that matches the table perfectly, and a neutral organic-y looking sack cloth. I really really can't decide. What do you think? Before and After Below!

ta da!!!!

see the drawers! I'm not sure what i'll keep in them, maybe extra napkins?

Toni the cat wanted to pose in this one too.

Check out that wood grain. The old surface on the table was so gunky, you couldn't see it, and it didn't really pop until I stained it. I would have liked to have gotten the table top an even darker tone, but this was as much stain as the wood would take.

So these are just some temp chairs until I finish the new ones. I wanted to try the two fabrics by the table in various lights.

This isn't the dining chair, but it gives you a good judge of how the fabrics would look with a white painted chair. This is the mint colored floral.

And this is the neutral sack cloth. I love them both so much and I'm super torn.

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