Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Decorating with vintage artwork

When I'm out tag saling and flea marketing I often see wonderful vintage and antique original oil paintings. I love the ones that are just on the canvas, they add such a casual air to a room. I have almost no reproduction art in my house. I love original pieces, even if they're naive or funky- in fact, the more so the better. Here are some great pieces, and a few from my collection too!
I love how light and airy this bedroom is. The three vintage oil paintings all compliment each other so well.

A really wonderful vignette combines a whole slew of fascinating eclectic items including two great vintage oil landscapes

I think I've shown you this vintage still life before but it's one of my favorites. I got it several years ago at an indoor flea market for $5.

I got this beautiful landscape last summer. The lady I bought it from said her father painted it in the 60s of the tree on chicken coop at the family farm. SOOOO pretty!

I got this landscape last summer. It's dated 1956. It's very naive and folky.

I painted these myself just to add a little spring color to our front porch

Another flea market oil painting that I like to bring out in the fall.

I love the oil paintings tucked into the bookshelf

Such a handsome pair of c.1830 portraits. I would love to get my hands on a pair like this. 

A collection of elegant and striking vintage portraits add whimsey to a little reading corner

Just a simple beautiful landscape on an old rustic table. 
The frame on this vintage oil painting is just fabulous. Even though the interior is fairly modern, the oil painting adds character and texture to the space. 

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