Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dining room table and chairs

Project finished, and it took me exactly one week to complete both the chairs and the dining table. As I mentioned in a previous post, I had two pieces of upholstery fabric which I simply could not choose between. Once I finished painting the chairs white (can we talk about what a pain in the butt painting cane is??) I spent some time just staring at the chairs with each of the fabrics and eventually decided on the cream colored neutral fabric. I had been leaning towards the cream all along, even though the mint floral matched perfectly, I don't usually go in for florals, and I felt that it locked me into the color scheme a little too much. The neutral chairs are more flexible. So wanna know how much I spent?
Solid oak library table c. 1920 - $50
Set of five vintage dining chairs - $55
Upholstery fabric - $10
Total for a new dining set - $125
Oh and I should mention- there is a fifth chair in the dining set that I did not include. I only need five dining chairs, and the fifth one is going to be painted and upholstered separately, and is going to be used as a side chair in our guest room.
So here are the pictures!

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