Sunday, July 19, 2015

The July Brimfield Report

First, an obligatory 'Holy God it's HOT right now!', I worked outside from 7:30 this morning until 4:30 in the afternoon before finally calling it quits, taking a cold shower, and retreating to our lovely cool basement to catch up on blog posts.

       Thankfully it was not nearly as hot yesterday when I went up to the fabulous Brimfield flea market with my four friends, Sara, Becca, Amanda, and Jess. There was a continuous threat of rain and the sky was low and glowering throughout the morning, which was grand as it kept both the temperature and the crowds down to a comfortable level. We shopped our little hearts out until about 1pm when the skies finally opened up and we got one hell of a thunderstorm. It was gone nearly as soon as it had come, though, and and the rest of the afternoon was hazy, hot, and humid. Everyone came home with treasures, and I'll show you those in my next post. I'll dedicate this one to all the other pretty and fascinating things we spotted while exploring.

Loving these antique oil lamps.

Nice faded pumpkin color on this rustic cupboard

Becca and I both bought miniature oil lamps,

Soooooo much purple glass

Barley twist legs on this table.

Lots of fakes at Brimfield, including these repros of early tattoo parlor flash

Group shot in the parking lot!

Stunning group of antique chairs. I kind of wish I'd bought these, but there was no room in my truck anyway.

Beautiful birdcage

And some funky ceramic parrots

A pleasantly sparse impressionist landscape

A T. Bailey ship portrait. 

Very very cool architectural salvage

You know how I adore colorful vintage glassware

Becca snagging a supremely fantastic early 20th century box in the original purple paint

I mean, we don't have a dairy yet, but apparently it runs in the family!

Really fine Eastlake side table

Becca and I both agreed we want a chandelier like this in our homes someday

decoratively painted drawer front

I was really digging these autumnal landscapes. Clearly Im getting a bit done with summer!

All the pretty colors on these plates! So pretty!

Nice mid century lounge chairs

I wish I'd bought this antique stoneware pitcher. 

Anther Autumnal landscape

And a pretty pretty glass pitcher

I love everything about this old porch swing- the color, the surface, and the design. Spectacular

Nice set of MCM chairs.

And some lovely bentwood chairs

These antique canvas panels stopped me in my tracks. I have no place for them in my house, and at $2250 for the pair, no room for the in my budget either!

A tallllll narrow cupboard in powder blue

I really liked how the lemon yellow peeked through the antique white on this folk art cupboard

I almost bought this sweet cottage corner shelf but I couldn't think of a place for it in my house. It was so sweet though, and only $20!

beautiful pine cupboard

and another

Hey now- Ive had a sign like that before!

Jess got a nice repro horse boarding sign. She's doing an equestrian themed room and this will be perfect! (Jess- you should hang this over the doorway of the room!)

Arched top mirrors. Im guess they're reproductions. I have a real one. 

How pretty would this antique server be painted!

And finally, another breathtaking painted cupboard!

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