Sunday, July 19, 2015

The Brimfield Report: What We Bought

Like I said in the previous post, we shopped our little hearts out at the Brimfield flea market yesterday. It was loads of fun; I was practically skipping with excitement the whole day. Even though Sara and Amanda came with us to Brimfield as well, I've only got pictures of Becca's, Jess's and my finds, since we all met back at my house afterwards. So here's what we bought!

Jess got a gorgeous vintage round cut glass vase in a hue of purple so deep that it's almost black. She got a homemade horse boarding sign, a pair of antique chairs to reupholster, a mermaid bottle opener, a superb antique wrought iron bed, and a pamphlet from a 1948 horse show.

Becca's buying a new home in just a few weeks and upsizing quite a bit from her current living space.  So she needs lots of new decor and furniture. She bought two antique boxes, one in stained wood, the other in a fabulous early purple paint, a copper teak kettle, a zinc lidded mason jar, a butter press, a large amber bottle that may have once held bleach, a pair of wingback chairs, a large lantern, and a small green based oil lamp, 
 and a little purple glass decanter. 

And finally I came home with a glorious pair of vintage French provincial armchairs that desperately need to me reupholstered, a big antique Revere copper tea kettle, an antique oil on canvas ship portrait by T. Bailey, a big vintage zinc washtub to hold drinks during outdoor parties, there tiny antique oil lamps, a board game (for my husband), and a pig shaped cutting board. 

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