Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Striped and Fabulous

My dear friend Jess spotted this desk on frame for me at the ReStore last week. She knows my style and correctly suspected this would be a prime candidate for refinishing.
       The desk is not incredibly old, one of the newer pieces I've worked on in a while- maybe from about 1990? But it's solid oak and the looooong lean cabriole legs have all the elegance of a mid 18th century desk on frame.
        The runner for the drawer had come unattached so I re-glued and screwed it to prevent the wibbly wobbly madness that was making it run poorly and get stuck. I removed the top from the frame and slid out the backboard in order to paint the interior in a custom mixed cool gray called Foggy Tuesday- inspired by my visit this week to Wells Maine and the lovely foggy beach there. The exterior is a custom mixed yellow that sits somewhere between mustard and faded gold. I've named it Folk Art Yellow, as it's a color I've seen time and time again on mid 19th century pieces presented for sale by some of my favorite folk art dealers including Jewett-Berdan Antiques and  Olde Hope Antiques. My Folk Art Gold does hardly justice to the real-deal worn and aged paint surfaces you'll find in their inventories. *drool*

         If you do one thing today, click on both those links and enjoy the spectacular awesomeness that is their inventories. It's the stuff dreams are made of.

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