Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flea Market Finds, New Acquisitions, and Other Random Photos

It had been two rainy Sunday mornings in a row, which meant no flea markets and a very sad me. Luckily, this past Sunday was magnificent, and the flea market was huge, swollen with goods stowed away from two missed markets. I went with my dear friend Jess and we had a wicked good time buying treasures. Jess got a dachshund weathervane and two stools to reupholster. I got one of my very favorite paintings ever, possibly my most favorite painting ever. It's a crowning jewel to my antique oil landscape collection- a meandering path through sunlit forest. I've hung it over the sofa in the guest house. I also snagged two pretty pieces of early 20th century pottery, a cool birdhouse made from old barn board, a terrific antique sign, a sweet hand painted vase, a big antique copper basin that I'll put candles in come fall, and yesterday I also got two pieces of furniture from Carl the Furniture Guy. Last week we also got a bunch of huge reclaimed granite blocks which my husband has used to create steps for out guest house. We moved it all by hand and he finally got the last of it in place yesterday. We're both very sore, but very pleased with the result!

I mean really, this is the best thing ever.

Close up of one figure (musketeer?) watching another on horseback.

Perfect perfect spot for it in the guest house!

I'll put this out in Autumn, I love the worn old wood

Pretty pottery to add to my collection

Cottages for Rent sign. So awesome!

I'm picturing this spilling over with rust and gold leaves come fall.

irresistible antique copper basin. 

An antique Empire mahogany and pine chest c. 1860.

And this is the interior of the top left drawer. The objects within sat untouched for so many years that the wood oxidized around them, leaving their ghostly silhouette permanently etched on the pine. 

Handsome solid pine stepback cupboard with boldly scrolled sides and top. 

And here's all the granite. It took us three trips in the pickup to move it all. 

New antique granite steps for the front of the guest house.

And lots of granite to dress up the patio that my husband has juuuuust finished building behind the guest house. The cement border is the footing for brick walls that will surround it. Above the brick will be a massive pergola with grape vines. The gravel path leads to where a second patio will be, upon which will be a huge gazebo. Brian really really likes landscaping these days. 

Nice granite steps on the patio

Brian says this is a bench... I think I'll put potted plants on that granite bit. He got a little carried away. 

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