Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Rustic French Provincial Desk

I bought this desk on Sunday while out doing a bit of hungover antiquing with my friend Jess. I love the block front design, and the fact that it's finished on all four sides. It's from about 1930, and is solid mahogany. I actually know the name of the original owner, and will pass that, and a 14 cent stamp that I found within along to the purchaser. I painted the case in a soft blue that I've named West Haven Blue since I just custom mixed it for another project for one of my favorite clients (Hi Chris!) who lives in an adorable place on the shore in West Haven. I added a new top to the desk since it had an inset leather top, which is basically useless in this day and age. Finally I kept the original pierced Chippendale brass drawer hardware except the top two, which I swapped out for another nearly identical pair, since the old ones had lost their pulls.

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