Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Muslin Curtains and Architectural Salvage Lamps

That's what's on my mind right now. Well- lighting in general is on my mind at the moment, to degree that last night I dreamt that I was searching high and low for crystals to make a crystal chandelier. When I finally found some at a local consignment store the lady in my dream wanted $400 per crystal, and I was certain that wasn't a fair price for them, so I left in a huff. Yes- my dreams are that dorky.
Anyway. My upstairs is in need of some lighting. I have a pretty nice pair of lamps from TJMaxx that live on the nightstands in our master bedroom, and all the overhead light fixtures are now installed. I need to fill in the following spaces now:
1. Small reading lamp for next to the settee in the reading nook in the master bedroom
2. Bedside lamps for the guest room
3. A task lamp or desk lamp for my newly installed desk (wait till you see this desk- I'm going to post about it soon I promise. You're gonna love it...I hope)

Project #2 is that I want to put in some curtains in the upstairs, and in the dining room and family room downstairs. I want something simple, natural, and unfussy feeling, and I'm really really leaning towards unbleached muslin. An added bonus- it's very affordable per yard.
So here are some pictures of lamps I'm adoring, and muslin curtains. Now I'll need some curtain rods...
Love both the antique work table and the wonderful task lamp. You can find both here.

I'm really digging these Edison style lamps at the moment. They'd be perfect for the guest room.

What a great task lamp with an awesome telescoping arm.

A tabletop spotlight would be perfect for my desk.

I've loved these architectural salvage style lamps for a while now.

Beautiful with a delicate chippy gray paint surface. This lamp is a star.

Adore this one with the wire mesh shade.
Green being my favorite color, I find this lamp basically irresistible.

These curtains are almost precisely what I have in mind. Simple and lovely.

A wonderful room made all the more dreamy with some wonderful muslin curtains around the antique bed.

I love how much muslin curtains let the light in. It makes the windows almost glow during the daytime.

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