Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Solid Oak Dining Set

In December I met a wonderful husband and wife who had finally had enough of these terrible New England winters, and were moving to Florida. They were getting rid of most of their furniture and starting fresh down South. I purchased quite a few pieces of wonderful solid oak furniture from them including a sideboard, a dry sink, an eight chair two leaf dining set, a coffee table, and a side table. I've already refinished the sideboard, and now here is the dining set, with a whole new look, and ready for a new home. This set was just grand to work on because everything was already in fabulous condition, so I could concentrate on finishes. I sanded the entire dining table top and two leaves, which took about 6 hours total, then stained the top with a mix of dark walnut (to get a rich deep tone), and gunstock(to add a little hit of color and interest). Then I sealed the top with six coats of poly, sanding between each to get a nice smooth surface. The chairs are painted in a black semigloss. I wish the pictures had turned out better, the reflection of the sun off the snow was making my camera do funny things.
Before and Afters below!

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  1. Love the table and I am so impressed with your design ethic. How much for the table and chairs?

    Do you do interior design consulting? I love the pictures of your home. They really resonate with our own design ethos. Would you consider an interior design commission?

    Please let me know at sjaiswal001@gmail.com


    Sam Jaiswal