Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Solid Maple Dining Set

I thought the music studio would make a little more attractive backdrop for photographing this lovely dining set than my chaotic basement workshop. I got the table a few weeks ago, and had been saving the chairs for just the right project. It's all solid maple, sturdy as a rock, and one of those sets that needed no work, just the cosmetics. The table was a bear to sand, and I did it on one of the coldest days yet, so I had to keep jogging inside to warm up every half hour or so. Well worth the effort though! Look at that stunning wood grain on the top! I stained the top with a mix of english chestnut and cherry to really make the warmth of the wood come through. The table base and six matching Windsor style chairs are all painted with a black semigloss. I have a before shot on the table, but not the chairs. I should also mention that my flash was throwing off the color of the black paint a bit. As you can see in some of the pictures with no flash, it is a true black.

look at that top! So shiny and flawless that you can see your reflection in it!

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