Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Acquisitions

Even though tag sales and flea markets are a distant memory this time of year, I've managed to score some pretty good furniture in the last couple weeks. Just wanted to show you the dining tables that I sanded yesterday. The solid maple dining table has six matching windsor chairs. The solid oak dining table has a big leaf, and six matching farm house style chairs. I also got a solid mahogany dining table with six matching shield back chairs that I didn't get a chance to photograph. I'm hoping to have the oak dining set and maple dining set finished very shortly. The mahogany set is on deck, and probably will be done in early February. If you see something you like, let me know and I can custom refinish it.
I also threw in a couple pictures of one of my new Meyers lemon trees. I now have four. Love them.
Happy Sunday!
I've never done a maple dining table before- super excited. I've got it all sanded now and the wood grain is tremendous. I've planning to do a fairly light colored top, then paint the base/legs, and chairs gloss black. Modern meets cottage.

Gorgeous solid oak classic farm style table. I love the chunky legs. The top and leaf sanded beautifully. I'm going to do this one in a dark stained top, with just a hint of red, and then white base/legs, white chairs.

You can see some of the lemons growing there. How cool is that! They're self pollinating!

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