Friday, January 11, 2013

Peach Rooms

Lately I've been sleeping with two huge paint chip flip books on my night stand. I'm trying to decide what color to paint the upstairs rooms, and when I remember, I try to look at the colors in different lights and at different times of day. I know I want to do a cream or white (I know, a little boring) but I've been really drawn to the shades with a peach undertone. Peach is a nice shade; it has elements of warmth to it, but remains light and airy. It looks superb in spring and summer and very interesting and refreshing in fall and winter. Here are some lovely peach rooms to admire.

Eclectic and handsome, this subtle peach wall color helps to balance the masculine vintage furniture in this space

This is such a lovely space. I wish I had a fireplace like this. I'd definitely put a gorgeous sunburst mirror over it too. 

The chalky gray finish of the large, ornate bookcase looks divine with the citrusy peach wall color in this room.

I love the delicate color of this room. It reminds be of the lime washed walls you see in old English cottages.

Sweet without being fussy, this room has a cheerful glow that is certain to make your morning get off on the right foot.

I really like the mauve undertone to the peach in this room. The paint is almost the color of silly putty. 

A splendid bathroom with a stunning shade of peach on the walls. I love how the peach really highlights the all the gorgeous white architectural details. It makes me a little sad seeing that soaking tub, though. We've decided to forego a tub in the upstairs bath, much to my chagrin.

OOOOO I love this bathroom. Those floors are stunning, the peach colored bead board and the simple white fixtures. This space is gorgeous.

So utterly elegant, this peach sitting area is the height of peach sophistication, and that dress is stunning too. 


  1. I absolutely love your blog and all your furniture! My son first showed me your blog and I'm hooked. Where did you learn to do such wonderful refinishing and painting? Also, is the stuff you list on Craig's List under a certain name? I don't want to miss anything!

  2. Thank you so much! So glad you like the blog. If you search East Hampton in the Eastern CT listings on CL, most of those are me. You can usually tell my listings because it links back to my blog. :)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm hoping to contact you soon to perhaps do over some pieces I have. You do that don't you?