Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Acquisitions: A Federal Style Sideboard

Big shout out to Sarah- who (very correctly) thought I might like working on this piece, and a hutch that I'll show you in the next post. This is a lovely Federal style sideboard from about 1920-1930. The first Federal period in America began with the birth of our nation and went until the Classical period of the 1830s, but really peaked between 1790 and 1820. This sideboard is very much an accurate interpretation of the pieces made 200 years ago, but is what we call "second period". I've included an image of a late 18th century sideboard, along with my new acquisition so you can see the similarities.
This piece is elegant, stately, and impressive. I'm hoping to refinish the top, and paint the case, to brighten it up a bit. I've included some images of similar pieces refinished from my own portfolio and from the web. If you love this piece and want it custom refinished- just shoot me an email at
A Southern Federal Sideboard C.1790-1810 that sold recently at auction.

My new sideboard. I love the detail of the fluted legs. Gorgeous.

This is basically what I'm thinking in terms of refinishing. Keep the brasses, paint the case a fresh white, refinish the top. Simple, elegant, and it lets the beauty of the piece really shine.

Another variation on the style above- white case, wood top, but this time with distressing as well. Very pretty.

This is a large antique sideboard that I refinished over the summer. It dated to about 1930 or so as well. I remember that the young lady who purchased this piece was so pleasant. It made me happy
to know it was going to such a good home :)

Another sideboard that I did over the summer, probably about 1920, with tiger oak. 

This is such a beautiful space. Boy do I love white shelves. I like the purity of the all white sideboard with the dark oval drawer pulls.

This sideboard has quite a bit of distressing and a Swedish blue color. Definitely an old world style.

Fresh and bright and modern, this sideboard looks fabulous with the shiny bail brass hardware.

Another lovely bright white sideboard- so pretty. This is a stunning space.

I had to throw this one in too just because I'm such a sucker for green. This antique sideboard is now perfect for a tropical island home!

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  1. I said that I would start commenting more and thought this would be a great post to start with! I am so glad that it worked out for you to pick these pieces up and I look forward to seeing what you do with them.