Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Decor Theme: The Artist's Studio

This may be becoming a bit of a problem now. I want to get the decor in the upstairs perfect, even though the space isn't quite done yet. The master bedroom is just dandy. I'm satisfied with it, but the guest room and hallway are driving me a little crazy. I've decided to keep things as they are until we've at least painted the ceiling and walls, but then, I have a new idea for the decor up there. I want to do an artist studio. I've been collecting oil landscape paintings for a while now, and I'm getting quite a collection. I also have some very nice 19th century pencil studies and an antique easel. I want to keep the furniture and accessories pretty paired down and sparse to let the beauty and color of the art really shine. Here are the elements I'm thinking of:
I love all the colors contrasting with the warmth of the aged wood on this easel.

I've seen these antique painters palette boards fetching huge prices at Brimfield, and with all the color and character, I'm not surprised.

The guest room bedding is currently in shades of mint green. I'll be swapping it out for more neutrals.

I have no idea why this bed is outside, but it is very pretty...
I want to tuck a squashy vintage leather armchair in the guest room to make a nice little reading nook. This one has great lines.

I'm really digging this industrial lighting right now. I've got just the spot for a standing lamp.

This is such a stunning and unique desk lamp. I love how unapologetically industrial it is.

I want the guest room to also serve as my office. I have a long wall where I can put a lovely rustic pine trestle table like this one to serve as a desk.

I like the lines and wood tone of this trestle table too.

Once I get my trestle table, I want to put a row of vintage task stools along it. They must swivel, for maximum fun-ness when I'm sitting at the desk drinking wine and pretending to do grown up things like work.

I put most of my antique sign collection up in storage just before winter, and I've been missing it. I think it will look perfect with this lighter, brighter decor.

Must find one of these antique pocket watch trade signs. MUST.

And of course, no artist studio would be complete without lots and lots of original antique oil paintings. They are my number one favorite thing to look for at flea markets and antique stores and I must have nearly a dozen now.
The frame on this one is really better than the painting itself. I love a gilt and gesso frame.

I purchased a little lemon tree at our local nursery a couple days ago and it's in bloom right now. I'm basically obsessed with it. It smells like a combination of hibiscus and citrus. to die for. I'm going back tonight to buy two more (don't tell the husband!)

I'll put lots and lots of plants in pretty terra-cotta and galvanized pots around the upstairs to make it feel bright and more welcoming.
What will you be doing to freshen up your home for Spring?


  1. I love this idea! Of course, being an artist myself, I am biased but it seems so romantic with out being sweet or frilly.

  2. Thanks Kerry! Have you ever posted pics of your studio on your blog? I'd love to see it! Artist studios fascinate me :)