Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Winter Antiques Show

Phew! Back from a whirlwind trip to NYC. It was very very cold in the city, and everything seems to move about 6 times faster than the normal pace of life out here in the country. New York City is fine  for a couple day stay, but you couldn't pay me enough to live there.
And why do the taxis honk SO much??

But enough about that- let's talk about antiques! The 59th Annual Winter Antiques Show opened with the very schmancy preview party on Thursday night. The show looked great, and oh my, there were some beautiful pieces for sale-serious eye candy. Luckily, everything was well outside my budget, so my bank account was 0% in danger. It was still nice to look though. On Friday morning I went around before the show opened to the public and snapped some quick pics of my favorite things.
The show runs until February 3rd, so there's still time to go, if you'd like to stroll along and admire some of the most beautiful antiques and art the world has to offer.
stay tuned as I've got another post on an upcoming project coming out today, and then tomorrow I'll be photographing three new sideboards, and a dining set- and will post the pics shortly after.
Remember my post from a few days ago about 'The Artist Studio' as a decor theme? Well I wasn't the only one to catch the bug! This is the superbly decorated booth of portrait miniature expert, Elle Shushan. Isn't it lovely!

This stunning full size standing sculpture is by Harry Bertoia and titled 'Dandelion'. It dates to the 1960s, and was one of several Bertoia pieces at the show- though, in my opinion, this was the most magnificent.

The loan exhibit in the front of the show was put together by the Newport Historical Society.
This Charles Frederick Worth gown was hard to miss!

I loved the bold color and geometry of this folk art landscape
 by Charles Hoffman (1820-1882),  signed and dated 1877. Just imagine this piece over a mantel in an otherwise muted living room. So stunning.

A phenomenal trade sign from Westminster Maryland c.1880. It was in flawless condition. This was one of my top five favorite things on the floor. 

A charming fancy painted settee c.1820 would definitely add character to any hallway or entry way!

This fabulous fish weathervane caught my eye from across the aisle. 

Loved this incredible, ornate wrought iron chandelier.

A terrific 19th century tramp art mirror. 

Such a handsome folk art owl. Early 20th century, it was initially meant to serve as an outdoor architectural element.

You should know, someday I want pet ducks. This may be one of the reasons I adored this cheeky painting
by Jean Dunand, France-1926.

There were several booths filled exclusively with ancient art. This colossal marble head of Demeter is Greek and dates to the 4th century BC

What a fun and quirky mid 19th century bootjack! 

This carved and painted folk art dalmatian was so cute. American, early 20th century.

If you've been reading this blog a while, you know that I really REALLY want a banner weathervane. This was a particularly nice one.

Across the aisle from our booth is Olde Hope Antiques from New Hope, PA. I always love their stuff. It's bright and folky and interesting, and of course, top notch. 

Adored this painting, La Moissonneuse, 1890, by Julien Dupre (1851-1910). The color and warmth is staggering.
 I swear, standing in front of it, you can feel the muggy heat of an August afternoon.

Some English dealers had a spectacular booth towards the front of the show. This giant antique clock face was in the center of the booth. It's so amazing.

I believe this little painting by George Clauson (1852-1944)  was my favorite piece at the show. Titled 'Harvest Moon' it was painted right around 1930. It's placid and beautiful. 

In the booth across the aisle from us was this gorgeous painting by Thomas Chambers (1808-1869), Ship in a Storm with Pirate Ship in Background. It dates to about 1836-1845.

I loved this wonderful antique pine trestle table. It had such softness to it.

And here we are in our booth, just before the show opened on Thursday night! 

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