Sunday, September 1, 2013

Decorating with Vintage Folding Screens

Ever have something completely absurd and impractical on your wish list? That's how the folding screen is to me. I simply do not have a single logical spot to place one in my house...and yet every time I see a nice one, I feel the tug of temptation. Folding screens are a great way to add color and architectural interest, especially to large but simple rooms. Fantastic for dividing big spaces, or partitioning off a small area for privacy (a changing area, a little work space etc). You can also use them to hide less sightly aspects of home life (overflowing laundry baskets, litter boxes). When not in use, simply fold the screen completely, and lean it against the wall as an art panel. See, now I'm talking myself into buying one! When I get my workshop, the folding screen will be a must!
The fern print on this one feels fresh and modern, especially when paired with the spring green chair. It would be fun to make a screen from scratch and then hand paint it!

Ultra cool, this folding screen is made from salvaged glass doors. 

A cheerful yellow and white screen, made from antique shutters, adds charm and depth
to this inviting porch seating area.

I wish I had a bigger picture of this antique screen. It's so lovely. 

Graduated panel sizes make this subtly elegant screen a real standout.

This one has a soft ethereal feel, both antique and crisp. Perfect for a Swedish country inspired interior.

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