Monday, September 9, 2013

The Infinity Dining Set

        As a rule, I don't give my furniture little names. I don't look at a chest of drawers and think "Madison" or whatnot. It just doesn't quite feel right. To be certain, the pieces of furniture all have monikers while they stay with me, especially as I frequently need to explain to my husband which set I need him to help me to move outside for photographing, or inside before the rain starts. Usually the names are something like "That cherry one that I bought last week that has all the chairs", or "That one desk that was super hard to sand". Somehow I don't think those names do the furniture justice for blogging purposes. This dining set, however, I started thinking of as "The infinity set" as soon as I bought it a few weeks ago. See the backs of the chairs? Infinity symbol. I like that.
         It's a vintage cherry dining set, probably from the 1960s in superb condition. I painted the table base and six chairs in a glossy modern black enamel. I sanded, stained, and sealed the table top and three matching leaves in a rich subtly red tone. The chairs are covered in a deep brown that also has the slightest hint of a red. There's also a matching sideboard that I'll show you in a separate post.
Before and afters below!


  1. Just perfect! And I love how you styled the photo!

  2. Anonymous10/07/2013

    Where did you find these chairs? They are identical to my dining set that is missing one! Thanks, Jessica.