Friday, September 20, 2013

A Farmhouse Trestle Dining Set

       I think it was less than a month ago that I showed you a dining table I'd refinished for myself. I loved it but in the end I could only fit four chairs instead of six around it and that bothered my a bit. As luck would have it, at the very moment I started contemplating a new table, my dear friend from down the street swooped in with a FABULOUS solid pine trestle table. And it was already sanded!! I also purchased a set of six Queen Anne chairs that I absolutely fell in love with. I recovered the chairs with a mossy green velvet, and painted the table base and chairs in a custom mixed color that reads as cream with just the slightest hint of celery. Isn't it delicious! Also- my cats are both featured in this post because they're little attention seekers.
The set is a bit big for the room but my husband and I are actually planning to change out the floor plan of our house in a few months, using a different and larger room as the dining room.
         On an exciting note- tomorrow we put down the deposit on the studio/guest house. It's a big deposit and we're basically going to be broke afterwards, but on the bright side, in 10 weeks we'll have an amazing studio that will make both are jobs soooo much easier.

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