Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paint it Black

You may know the Rolling Stones song "Paint it Black". It's on my running playlist, and it's a favorite of mine. This time of year- when we're just tilting the scales towards Autumn, I find myself often humming it... while sneaking up on my unsuspecting furniture, and painting it black. Black painted furniture looks tremendous with Autumn decorating. You can go whole hog with a large piece like a sideboard or hutch, or sprinkle it in with a side chair, or even just accessories. Either way, the black painted pieces add visual weight, and a little classic edge to your home- perfect for Fall and Halloween.
I've got some furniture that I'm diligently working on right now, but the miserable weather in the last week (thunderstorm after thunderstorm) has made it hard to make much headway or photograph. I beg your patience on that front, and hopefully will have some furniture to share in the next couple days.
In the mean time, enjoy these beautiful fall rooms, made all the better with black furniture ~

The element of black in this room is integrated in via the candelabra style chandelier. The quirky pumpkins in surprising shades give the room further charm. 

A welcoming Fall inspired bedroom looks all the more inviting with a black nightstand beside the bed.

A classic interior peppered with handsome black furniture. Despite the dark furniture, the natural architecture keeps the space feeling light and airy.

I adore everything about this space. The tarnished silver bowl makes the perfect centerpiece for a room rendered in soft aged tones.

Another simple way to integrate black into an Autumn room- a bold mirror. This lovely black mirror looks terrific above the mantel, and provides the perfect backdrop for the artful mantel arrangement. 

I just recently painted my bed black. It's not nearly as magnificent as this bed, but the effect is satisfying. I also really love that bedspread. 

Full on Fall as only Pottery Barn can do it- because who on Earth has the money or patience to put that many pumpkins in one room! But doesn't it look divine, even if impractical!

Such a sweet and simple way to welcome Autumn-
with paper cut leaves arranged artfully across a step back cupboard here 

A black counter top, and turned candleholders look fantastic
with tall clear vases filled with beautiful bouquets of fall leaves. It's a wonderful Autumn vignette.

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  1. One of my favorite songs! Seriously!!!!