Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Beautiful Wood Stoves

It's that time of year once again- when everything is pumpkin flavored, and the maple leaves turn firework shades of crimson and gold, and it gets bitter, wicked cold- because this is New England after all. There are few things as cozy and welcoming as a crackling fire by which to warm your chilled feet. Lately I've been really admiring wood stoves, both for their practicality and beauty. I'd really like to put one in my workshop when the time comes. The space is currently heated by this giant propane heater that is loud, ugly, unruly, and rather frightening. A handsome little wood stove tucked in the corner however would be the bee's knees. Here are some beautiful examples.
I had no idea you could get wood stoves in colors! I love this emerald green!

classic, and a little on the petite size, this one is the very last word in cozy cottage chic. It's exactly what I want for my work shop.

A normal wood stove gets an extra dose of drama with a
full fireplace surround and mantle in this handsome sitting room.

There's some pleasantly Christmas-y about this room, even though there isn't a single holiday decoration to be seen.  I love all the wrought iron utensils hung around this wood stove.

Another stunning space here.
The wood stove's large vent pipe adds a little contrast and movement to the plain white walls. 

This stove has a very mid-century mod feel to it,
though paired with delicate accessories, the result is surprisingly feminine.

A classic interior rendered in varying shades of cream  and tan looks perfectly inviting. 

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