Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Square Dining Table

I really like square dining sets. It's a form you rarely find, but is incredibly handsome and practical. Granted, one needs the right space to fit a square table, but they can be so effortlessly chic. Square dining tables allow for extra space on the table, either for large family style dining, or for fine centerpieces. When not in use, they can look glorious with a piece of sculpture or floral arrangement in the center. Here are some particularly attractive square dining sets.
Happy Wednesday!
Elegant and refined, this dining set looks divine in an open,  airy Georgian room. 

Another beautiful dining room here. The addition of the bench on one side break up the matchy matchy of all the upholstered chairs. I like how rustic the table is in comparison to the formality of the space as well. Also that light fixture is stunning....Basically I just adore this entire room. 

This looks so much like my work that I did a double take when I found the picture. The rustic board top balances the clean modern lines of the table base and chairs.

The Pottery Barn take on the square dining table- perfect for a small dining space or eat-in kitchen.

Such a fun and funky dining set. It looks like it was made from salvaged pallets. 

A square dining set from above here. See how the table allows for such a dramatic centerpiece?  

What a wonderful space! The chunky pedestal dining table looks great with the vintage style aluminum chairs. The eclectic furnishings further create the cool meets rustic vibe of the room.

The square dining table is not a new concept by any means. Here's a lovely late 19th century version

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