Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fun with Folk Art Wall Hangings

I love these big wooden cut outs, graphically painted and used for any number of things in the early 20th century including lawn ornament, advertising, circuses and fairs etc etc. I scored a fantastic pair of large wood ducks, probably dating to the 30s or 40s at the July Brimfield. They were $10. I couldn't pay the lady fast enough. They now hang prominently in my kitchen where I admire them frequently. You can find these whimsical bits of folk art at tagsales, flea markets, craigslist- really anywhere that used stuff is sold, and they're often far more affordable (at the moment) than comparable signage or artwork. These pieces are bold, impactful, and cheeky. I predict in the next five years they'll take off and will be even more expensive than antique signage, which is getting a wee bit overplayed at the moment.
Here are some great examples.
This striking cutout of firemen at work is intriguing
This  amazing and slightly frightening  antique lion cutout is from a circus.
It would look utterly spectacular in a lounge or "man cave"

A classic ice cream sign would look so stunning in a cottage kitchen. 

This vintage cutout of Africa is so unique and funky.

What a beautiful space! I love the diving lady.

I passed this pair of shorebirds at the Brimfield flea market in May. I wish I'd purchased them.

Here are my ducks, proudly displayed in my kitchen. I often wonder what their original purpose was-
 maybe for a nursery.

And finally another diving lady from the 1930s. 

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