Thursday, August 29, 2013

Decorating the Studio

      A week or so ago I shared with you that we're planning to have an 20x24 building built on our property to accommodate my husband's studio needs. He currently uses our oversized garage as the studio, but I'm getting that as my workshop (SO excited!) and he's getting a wonderful new space in which to put a new upright piano (we already have two grand pianos egad!), all his recording equipment, guitars etc etc. Most of the business oriented stuff will be on the main floor of the building. On the second floor we're going to have a fun hang out space complete with bar, media area, dart board, We'll also nee a sleeping area, perhaps a leather couch/pull out, for when guests imbibe a bit too much, and spend the night. We've been referring to the building as "The Guesthouse" which is fairly cheeky of us, but there you go. I did a wish list for my new workshop last week- you can view it here- and I thought it would be fun to share the wish list for the studio today. We're hoping to have the building up and going by about mid November.
       I want the space to feel fairly masculine, as it will be my husband's man cave of sorts, and I want it to have a classic, 1940s jazz club feel, peppered with some more natural elements to keep it grounded.
Key things I want:
Leather club chairs- I know they cost about $1,500 each, but a girl can dream
Leather pullout sofa bed
Antique Bar
Killim rugs
Beadboard walls
A cool flat screen TV console
A round pub style dining table with four chairs
Lots of antique signs as art
Cool display for all the guitars
Maybe a long rustic table downstairs that can double as a desk
Some book storage upstairs
Cool bar accessories

Here are some inspiration pictures

I showed you this picture a couple weeks ago. This is the standard model for the building that we're having built. Ours will be custom done, larger, with a higher roof to accommodate a full upstairs. We're also doing a trandtional front door in the front, with two windows next to it, three windows on each side of the building, and double French doors on the back. 
This pair of antique leather club chairs is beyond gorgeous. 

I did this antique oak dining set in April. I think something similar would be perfect for the upstairs gaming area- though with darker seat covers. Those white ones would last about two days with my husbands friends...

I'm loving Kilim rugs like this one. Bright and boho and a little more exciting than a standard oriental rug. 

This antique bar is exactly what I want. Hopefully the craigslist gods will deliver and I'll find one for cheap cheap.

I love antique signs, and I've got quite a collection now. I'm hoping to use the space to grow and showcase my collection.

I would love to score a vintage, or vintage style, leather chesterfield sofa. It would really add to the old school vibe I'm shooting for.

And now for some inspiration rooms:

I really like to organic feel of this room. The black and white and caramel color all blend nicely together as well. 

Another beautiful space, with a more industrial feel.
The burgundy color of the floors really pop against the stark white walls. 

This room is just perfect. I asked my husband if we could do floors like this in the studio (we're installing our own) but he thought it would be beyond our skills. 

I'm envisioning the upstairs to look a bit like this, though our ceilings will be higher and the room will be wider. I definitely want exposed beams like this.

I'm hoping we can put a long farm table in the downstairs space, primarily because I'm obsessed with farm tables, but also because I think it could be multi functional as a desk/workstation and as a dining table.

We'll be getting a new upright piano for the space, this tiger oak one is stunning!

I just included this picture because it's about the coolest upstairs space ever. It would be such an amazing place to curl up with a good book during a thunderstorm!

I'm campaigning hard to convince my husband that we should put a wood stove like this one in. Nothing would be as cozy and amazing.

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