Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September Brimfield

I already showed you the goodies I bought in Brimfield, so today I wanted to share with you some pictures of the things I admired, but didn't take home.
I loved this little antique chest. It was only about 18 inches tall

This table had the most elegant and gorgeous lines.

My friend Leslie loved this printers cabinet- with sooo many little drawers.

Possibly the coolest thing ever for a man cave.

This massive dining table was from Europe, and cost a small fortune.

I admired this simple little farm table.

All the green chippy paint on this rustic antique desk!

A great antique weathervane with an amusingly large tail.

Loved this antique workbench!

I thought these vintage chairs were very cool

A great antique desk with turned legs.

I'm such a sucker for these antique benches.

I liked the fluted legs on this vintage table.

I just had to take this antique column home with me!

An adorable pair of green glass shakers

Examining this antique Officer's traveling lunch case. The vendor said it was from the Spanish American War.

A cool brass magazine stand

This vintage stepback cupboard was so handsome.

I loooooved this vintage star sign. 

The perfect tufted leather armchair

An incredible pair of antique candleholders

A bright yellow retro cabinet- perfect for a bathroom!

This vintage wire basket was very cool.

I admired this set of antique piano legs

A whole flock of Mora clocks!

These armchairs were so cool

Because what house isn't complete without a ceramic ram's head.

And finally a beautiful pair of dove gray armchairs.


  1. Those vintage chairs (mustard/yellow) are AMAZING! What I wouldn't do for that ram head to meet some metallic gold spray paint....

    btw I spotted your post on Miss Mustard Seed and have found myself admiring your blog!

    Surrounded by Pretty

    1. I know- those chairs were just terrific. As I recall they had already sold when I inquired the price :(

  2. I've never been to Brimfield but hope to to one day. I'm close enough to Round Top that I go there at least once a year.