Monday, September 16, 2013

Simple Peaceful Rooms

 I thought we could just enjoy some beautiful uncluttered rooms today. I generate a great deal of unnecessary stress trying to reconcile two fairly powerful motivators in my life. 1) I really like simple uncluttered spaces. and 2) I love love love to buy stuff. Really it's a constant battle not made any easier by the fact that at 1800sq feet, my house is not exactly large, and there simply is not enough room to display all the things I find and love. So anyway, let's enjoy these rooms where clearly the home owner doesn't purchase with as much frequency as myself :)

An immense mirror and a minimalist collection of pottery is all that's required to adorn this beautiful mantle.

With floors, walls, and windows left simple, the beautiful dining set and light fixtures are allowed to take center stage in this beautiful dining space.

Sparse and unassuming, these furnishings feel fresh and welcoming in this casual dining room. 

This entryway dispenses with the clutter that tends to accumulate in such spaces, and replaces it with bold, high impact pieces. 

This room has plenty of drama and is exceedingly elegant.
Symmetry, and a general lack of objects help to reinforce the grand scale.

A neutral palette puts the focus on texture rather than color. The result is peaceful and lovely here.

Proof that uncluttered spaces do not need to feel sparse, this room is luxurious and cozy.

An uncluttered bedroom feels restful. Black and white look sharp and handsome in this traditional room.

The ultimate in restraint- only one tin star is all that's required for the mantle in this beautiful rustic room. 

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