Sunday, September 1, 2013

New Acquisitions

       I've been crazy busy this summer, and haven't had as much time to hit up tagsales on Saturday mornings. Yesterday I saw there was one just down the road and decided to zip over and see if there was anything good. I scored big time for my piano teacher husband- a fender acoustic guitar and a casio keyboard. I also managed to snag a couple little prizes for myself, and when I say little... I don't actually mean little. First I got a nice vintage lamp with the most stylish art deco meets modern shape. I'm going to put it on the side table in the reading nook, as the lamp thats currently there is too tall and touches the slanted ceiling. My big find was this giant, insanely ornate, vintage gold mirror. I spotted it before I even got out of my truck, and it took all my self control to not sprint over to claim is as my own. I walked, very very fast instead.
      I don't really have a spot for it in the house but it will have a place of honor in my new workshop. I really need a mirror around when I'm working as I have a habit of getting paint all over my face, and not realizing it for hours, and then going to the grocery store, with the paint still on my face. And then the nice cashier gently points it out, after I've walked around the grocery store shopping for almost an hour...yea, that's happened twice this year lol.

It had a crack in the top which I've re-glued, I'll patch it and re-paint it in gold

And the gorgeous little lamp.

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