Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Why I Paint Furniture

      Today was one of those days- a pretty straight-up crappy day to be honest. One of those days where everywhere you turn you hit a roadblock. My day job was fairly frustrating, I really need to lose 10 pounds, I spilled almost an entire can of polyurethane on my foot. I felt like crying all day.
 It was a doozy.
       And then some folks came to pick up a sideboard and my goodness if they weren't unbelievably friendly and kind. On Saturday I delivered a dining set to a fairly distant town, got caught in traffic, tried to take a shortcut, got lost in a big city (I HATE CITIES) and finally arrived at the delivery site flustered and two hours late. But you know what-  those folks were incredibly kind and lovely as well.
       It's a good reminder of why I do all this. Yes it's nice to play with the paint and furniture, and take things no one wants and give them another chance and a new home, but deep down, I'm doing it because all of you, who have graciously opened your homes to my furniture, have been down right amazing. It's super fun to meet you, hear your stories, learn about why you want a new piece of furniture, and what your plans are for it. There's always a story (moving, renovating, re-decorating, first time home buyers, down-sizing, upsizing, buying a vacation home etc etc). Every encounter is meaningful to me. All of you are incredibly important to Heir and Space. And honestly, it really really means a lot to me that you want to put something that I refinished into your home. It's sincerely an honor. So I just wanted to send a little gratitude your way, thanks again for your business, but more importantly, thanks for being such a gnarly group of creative, inspired, and cool people!


  1. Love this post!
    But sorry about your crappy day!

  2. Thank you Marisa! So nice of you to post! Can't wait to see you Monday :)

  3. I know that this is almost 4 years later... but here's to you for all of these not so shiny days when you grabbing at straws and thinking of this glass of wine to forget the day: